Leading MSUMA to help members reach their highest career potential! 

connect on linkedin  | mccrac62@msu.edu

connect on linkedin | mccrac62@msu.edu

Taylor McCrackin, President

Hi I’m Taylor! I am a Senior Marketing Major and this is my second year serving as the President of MSUMA. I have been involved with MSUMA since my Freshman year and have served on the executive board for 3 academic years. I am extremely proud to be involved in this organization and eager to help provide professional, social, and academic growth opportunities for members while sharing my passion for marketing. 

During my time at MSU, I have completed three marketing internships in various functions of marketing with MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, Auto-Owners Insurance, and Marathon Petroleum Corporation. As the President, I hope to be able to use my experience to help all members reach their career goals and assist them in the job search process. My goal is to provide the best opportunities and resources to members and our corporate sponsors.

MSUMA has allowed me to excel professionally while meeting countless friends and give back to the community. I hope to help provide a similar experience to everyone involved in the organization. If you are interested in business, networking with companies, meeting new friends, and free food every other week, MSUMA is the right fit for you! Our bi-weekly meetings with recruiters from a wide range of outstanding companies plus various social and professional events will give you great experience while building your personal and professional network.

connect on linkedin  | wolfjac3@msu.edu

connect on linkedin | wolfjac3@msu.edu

Jacob Wolf, Vice President 

Hey everyone! My name is Jacob Wolf and I am the Vice President of Michigan State Marketing Association for the 2019-2020 school year. This is my second year involved with MSUMA and I have enjoyed every moment. MSUMA has aided my personal development through countless academic, professional, and social events.

I am a senior finalizing a Marketing major and a Sales Leadership minor. Along with this executive board position, I am also the Chief Financial Officer of Global Sales Leadership Society. As your Vice President, I plan to utilize my skills learned through MSUMA, GSLS, the Eli Broad College, and my internships to help MSUMA succeed.

Our executive board aims to provide valuable resources and experiences to all of you. We look forward to watching each and everyone of you grow as business leaders of tomorrow. Come join us to further your professional development through our numerous networking and social events! We look forward to seeing you soon!

CONNECT ON LINKEDIN  | makhecha@msu.edu

CONNECT ON LINKEDIN | makhecha@msu.edu

Rohan Makhecha, Director of Marketing

Hi! My name is Rohan and I am the Director of Marketing for the Michigan State Marketing Association for the 2019-2020 school year. I am a Senior Marketing Major. This is my second year as a member of MSUMA and I've loved every minute of it. As Director of Marketing I manage our social media accounts, run our website, let members know about job openings throughout the year and encourage new membership and networking through our marketing efforts at events.

I spent this summer in Downtown Detroit as a Marketing Intern for a production agency called Woodward Original. While there, I worked on growing their brand through the use of SEO and Social, I also consulted with their clients as a content strategist. In addition to my roles with MSUMA and Woodward Original, I also am the founder of my own digital marketing agency. If you are interested in any of my experiences, I’d love to talk and help answer any questions you might have! 

Joining MSUMA not only looks phenomenal on a resume, additionally, through our bi-weekly meetings, members have the opportunity to meet new students who just like you, have a passion for being successful in their future. I'm looking forward to connecting with new members at our bi-weekly meetings!

connect on linkedin  | benson57@msu.edu

connect on linkedin | benson57@msu.edu

Anna Rose Benson, Director of Events

My name is Anna Rose Benson. I am a sophomore at Michigan State University studying marketing with a minor in Spanish. I joined the MSUMA e-board because of Taylor. Last year on our fall trip we were really able to bond. Her dedication to MSUMA inspired me to be even more involved.

MSUMA is an amazing organization to be a part of because not only do you develop professionally but you also grow socially. There are experiences and friends that I am forever grateful for because of MSUMA.

connect on linkedin  | cayoalli@msu.edu

connect on linkedin | cayoalli@msu.edu

Allie Cayo, Director of Membership & Mentorship

Hi! My name’s Allie, and I’m your Director of Membership and Mentorship! I joined the Michigan State Marketing Association (MSUMA) during my freshman year and this is my second year on e-board. I’m currently a senior studying Supply Chain Management with a minor in IT. Through MSUMA, I’ve developed valuable relationships with professionals and learned how to network in the business field. Along with this, I connected with other members of the association and made long lasting friendships. Being on e-board, I want to help new MSUMA members in their transition into college and the professional world.

Over the summer, I interned with BAE Systems in the Procurement department. I was able to initiate dialogue with employees across the company in order to identify areas for process improvement and issued purchase orders to successfully buy parts for the company. Overall, I gained valuable real world experience in supply chain and was able to apply professional skills that I have developed through MSUMA.

The Marketing Association has not only allowed me to meet great people, but has also been able to connect me with job opportunities. Before this summer, I was an intern at Meridian Health Plan, which I first visited on our fall trip with MSUMA, and prior to this, I was an Academic Orientation Leader at Michigan State. I was able to help the school I love while introducing new students to all MSU has to offer, such as great clubs like MSUMA.

I’m looking forward to meeting new members and reconnecting with existing members throughout the year!

connect on linkedin  | lynchal3@msu.edu

connect on linkedin | lynchal3@msu.edu

Alexia Lynch, Director of Corporate Relations

Hi everyone! My name is Alexia Lynch and I am the Director of Corporate Relations for the 2019-2020 school year. I am a senior marketing major and I am so excited to help lead the organization for my last year with MSUMA. My role includes building relationships between employers and our organization by coordinating company presentations for our bi-weekly meetings, arranging networking events and panels, and planning MSUMA’s annual Fall and Spring Professional Trips.

Being a member of this organization throughout the past three years has allowed me to immensely grow both professionally and personally. This past summer, I worked at General Motors as a Truck Product Marketing Intern. At my internship, I helped plan and traveled to a foundation clinic in Dallas, TX, coordinated a design thinking workshop, and designed a buyer profile for a specific truck trim. I had an amazing summer interning in downtown Detroit and was very lucky to have the opportunity to work alongside such incredibly talented and kind people. Feel free to reach out with any questions, I am happy to help in any way!

MSUMA provides numerous networking and professional development opportunities to our members; it is a place where people with similar interests and drive come together to build each other up to be successful. Join MSUMA and be a part of something great!

connect on linkedin  | murph622@msu.edu

connect on linkedin | murph622@msu.edu

Lindsey Murphy, Treasurer

Hi! My name is Lindsey Murphy and I am a senior studying Advertising Management with minors in Retail Management and Public Relations. I’ve been an active member in MSUMA since my sophomore year and it has allowed me to establish a strong network of friends with similar interests while getting exposure to marketing opportunities from amazing companies. I am excited to serve on the e-board as our Treasurer, where I am responsible for creating a budget for the club, tracking all member payments, and communicating with companies regarding sponsorships.

Over the summer, I interned at Gartner as a Global Technology Sales Intern. I had the opportunity to collaborate with a team of account managers to identify the greatest challenges facing Gartner’s high-tech startup customers and formulate solutions to their problems. This experience helped develop my communication skills and ability to utilize research to forecast market trends and business challenges.

Joining MSUMA can open up many opportunities for members, professionally and socially. Our bi-weekly meetings, social events, and professional trips are a great way to meet students who have a passion for achieving success in their future endeavors. I look forward to a great year with MSUMA and I am excited to get to know our members!



Brendan Chen, Director of Philanthropy

Hi! My name is Brendan Chen and I am the Director of Philanthropy for the Michigan State Marketing Association for the 2019-2020 academic year. This will be my second year in MSUMA, and my first year serving on the executive board. MSUMA helped a tremendous amount in giving me a sense of direction in my professional life, and along the way I made some fantastic friends and memories.

I am a sophomore supply chain major who spent the last summer as the assistant tennis coordinator at the Racquet Club of Ann Arbor. As the Director of Philanthropy, I hope to give every member the opportunity to engage and support the East Lansing/Michigan State community as well as benefit from the events and experiences that are provided. 

From someone who was once a lost freshman, I encourage everyone to try MSUMA - the things you will learn through this organization will likely make your life at Michigan State (and beyond) go much smoother. In addition to that, the social events and club trips are great ways to make even more friends. I look forward to meeting you all!