Leading MSUMA to help members reach their highest career potential! 

connect on linkedin  | mccrac62@msu.edu

connect on linkedin | mccrac62@msu.edu

Taylor McCrackin, President

Hi! I’m Taylor and I am the President of the Michigan State University Marketing Association for the 2018-2019 academic year. This will be my third year involved in MSUMA and my second year serving on the executive board. I am extremely proud to be involved in this organization and eager to help provide professional, social, and academic growth opportunities for members while sharing my passion for marketing. 

Currently, I am a junior majoring in marketing and minoring in information technology. I’ve completed two marketing internships with MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities and Auto-Owners Insurance. As the president, my goal is to provide the best opportunities and resources to members and our corporate sponsors. 

MSUMA has allowed me to excel professionally while meeting countless friends and giving back to the community. I hope to help provide a similar experience to everyone involved in the organization. If you are interested in business, networking with companies, or meeting new friends, MSUMA is the right fit for you. Our bi-weekly meetings with recruiters from a wide range of outstanding companies plus various social and professional events will give you great experience while building your personal and professional network.

connect on linkedin  | lundwal2@msu.edu

connect on linkedin | lundwal2@msu.edu

John Lundwall, Vice President 

Hello! My name is John Lundwall and I am Vice President of the Michigan State Marketing Association for the 2018-2019 school year. This is my second year involved with MSUMA and I have loved every second. MSUMA has aided my personal development through countless academic, professional and social events.

I am a senior marketing major with a passion for sales. I have completed two sales/marketing internships with Otis Elevator and National School Folders. As your Vice President, I plan to utilize my skills learned through MSUMA, the Eli Broad College and my internships to help MSUMA succeed and act as a resource to all members.

Our executive board aims to provide valuable experiences to all of you! Let us help you succeed while growing your friend group and connections. Come join us and further your professional development through our numerous networking and social events!

CONNECT ON LINKEDIN  | joyauxma@msu.edu

CONNECT ON LINKEDIN | joyauxma@msu.edu

Madeleine Joyaux, Director of Marketing

Hi! My name is Madeleine and I am the Director of Marketing for the Michigan State Marketing Association for the 2018-2019 school year. I am a Senior Marketing Major as well as a French Major. This is my third year as a member of MSUMA and I've loved every minute of being a part of MSUMA, networking with companies, making new friends and getting to attend social events. As Director of Marketing I manage our social media accounts, run our website, let members know about job openings throughout the year and encourage new membership and networking through our marketing efforts at events.

I spent this summer in St. Joseph, Michigan as a Digital Analytics Intern for Whirlpool Corporation and fell in love with the company, people and work I did. My primary project throughout the summer consisted of researching methods to improve internal site search for Whirlpool brands and provide recommendations as well. Before this summer, I was a Marketing & Communications intern at RMB Capital Management, a finance firm in Chicago, and I was able to obtain a variety of financial marketing knowledge. I'd love to talk and help answer any questions I can about my experiences! 

Joining MSUMA not only looks phenomenal on a resume, additionally, through our bi-weekly meetings, members have the opportunity to meet new students who just like you, have a passion for being successful in their future. I'm looking forward to connecting with new members at our bi-weekly meetings!

connect on linkedin  | osento17@msu.edu

connect on linkedin | osento17@msu.edu

Sydney Osentoski, Director of Events

Hello!  My name is Sydney Osentoski and I am a Senior Marketing Major with a Minor in Retail Management.  I am so excited to serve as the Director of Events this year for the Michigan State University Marketing Association.  This is the third year that I will be a member of MSUMA and I look forward to meeting new members and having the opportunity for further personal growth through countless professional, social, and academic opportunities.  As Director of Events, my role is to plan events such as the fall and spring trips, social events, philanthropy events, and various networking events for our members.

I have completed two internships; one with Steelcase and one with Herman Miller.  My most recent experience has been with Herman Miller as a Product Management Intern supporting the Market Launch team.  My projects this summer consisted of analyzing competitor products, designing a competition for our sales team, creating a data visualization tool for new sales opportunities, and analyzing the feasibility of products in new markets.  If you have any questions or interest regarding product management/marketing or the office furniture industry, please feel free to reach out!

MSUMA provides its members with the support and opportunities that are needed for professional development and networking.  Come to one of our bi-weekly meetings to network and learn from various companies, to meet new and awesome people, and to see what MSUMA can offer you.

connect on linkedin  | cayoalli@msu.edu

connect on linkedin | cayoalli@msu.edu

Allie Cayo, Director of Membership & Mentorship

Hi! My name’s Allie, and I’m your new Director of Membership and Mentorship! I joined the Michigan State Marketing Association (MSUMA) during my freshman year and this is my first year on e-board. I’m currently a Junior Marketing major with an IT minor. Through MSUMA, I’ve developed valuable relationships with professionals and learned how to network in the business field. Along with this, I connected with other members of the association and made long lasting friendships. Joining MSUMA helped me decide what career path I want to pursue, and being on e-board, I want to help new MSUMA members in their transition into college and the professional world. 

Over the summer, I interned with Meridian Health Plan in downtown Detroit. This internship is where I first experienced working in a professional setting. I learned to effectively communicate with my coworkers who were not only business professionals but healthcare professionals as well. Additionally, I provided outreach to members on the healthcare plan and worked on meaningful projects that the company will be able to use going forward. I first stepped foot in Meridian during MSUMA’s Fall Trip to Detroit/Windsor and this enabled me to see all the opportunities that working in downtown Detroit could offer. 

Before this summer, I was an Academic Orientation Leader at Michigan State! I was able to help the school I love while introducing new students to all MSU has to offer, such as great clubs like MSUMA. 

I’m looking forward to meeting new members and reconnecting with existing members throughout the year! 

connect on linkedin  | lynchal3@msu.edu

connect on linkedin | lynchal3@msu.edu

Alexia Lynch, Director of Corporate Relations

Hi everyone! My name is Alexia Lynch and I am the Director of Corporate Relations for the 2018-2019 school year. I am a junior Marketing major and I am so excited for another great year with MSUMA. My role includes building relationships between companies and our organization. In addition to this, I organize company presentations for our bi-weekly meetings, plan networking events, and plan MSUMA’s annual Fall and Spring Professional Trips.

Being a member of this organization throughout the past two years has allowed me to immensely grow both professionally and personally. This past summer, I worked at Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan as a Public Relations, Communications, and Advertising Intern. At my internship, I designed marketing campaigns, wrote content for our blog and new website launch, and represented Farm Bureau at several events throughout the state. I had an amazing summer interning in Lansing and was very lucky to have the opportunity to work alongside such incredibly talented and kind people. Feel free to reach out with any questions, I am happy to help in any way that I can!

MSUMA provides numerous networking and professional development opportunities to our members; it is a place where people with similar interests and drive come together to build each other up to be successful. Join MSUMA and be a part of something great!